Working with me is all about customization.

One of my favorite parts of working with clients is the creative aspect of putting something together that will have maximum impact on your goals, your agenda.

With that said, I do have a toolkit of things I am particularly fond of in coaching:


-Emotional Intelligence

-Productive Conversations

-Virtue based Leadership

People often ask me what I do. The answer is everything!

I have done many, many strengths coaching sessions. I’ve done many team strengths coaching workshops. I’ve helped business partners navigate a challenging season in order to hold the business together. I’ve coached new managers to help them figure out who is on their bench and how to best utilize the team. I’ve coached high potential employees as they have their eye on the next role. I’ve coached under performing employees wanting to hold on to their job. I’ve coached unemployed people into their next role. I’ve spoken with numerous high school students and helped them understand how their strengths can be leveraged in the profession they are considering.

Bottom line: connect with me.  Together, we will create something that perfectly suits your needs and the needs of your people!